HUM 2454: African American Humanities Paper 4 Assignment

HUM 2454: African American Humanities Paper 4 Assignment

The Assignment: Using the articles “What We Mean When We Say Race Is a Social Construct” by Ta-

Nehisi Coates, “Race Matters” by Cornel West, and the video “Black Privilege” by Crystal Valentine,

analyze the connection between one specific event from the Civil Rights Movement (ca 1950-1969) and

one specific event involving the Black Lives Matter movement (ca. 2012- ).

Assignment Length:

 3-4 pages (not including a works cited page)

Assignment Details:

 Typed/word processed document

 Spell and grammar checked

 At least 5 sources (the three mentioned in the assignment + (at least) one Civil Rights

Movement source and (at least) one Black Lives Matter Movement source)

 Use quotes from all 5 sources

 Works Cited page properly formatted in MLA style  Internal (in-text) documentation of

sources as well as Works Cited page

Learning Outcomes:

 Demonstrate Cultural and Historical Understanding

 Use diverse perspectives and sources to deepen critical thinking

 Employ methods that develop student academic literacy  Employ electronic tools to aid

student learning

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