Public Relation Theory and Practice


For the purposes of this assessment, assume that you are PR consultant who has been retained by Bonjour Motels, a French-owned, budget-priced, motel chain. The Group owns motels across Europe, North America, the UK, mostly in motorway/freeway settings. During the last three years the Group has begun its push into Asia and South America, and is seeking to increase its presence in its existing markets by 20% over the next three years. The Group operates under a single global brand name.

The Board and CEO have decided that the Group should consider setting up a PR function, but they are not fully convinced. In exploring the idea, they have asked you to prepare a report.


The changing nature of the media as it relates to public relations? What opportunities and threat from a PR perspective.

key errors in crisis management? Outline crisis management strategy.

What are publics? Provide as many examples of publics as you can.


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