The research paper will count as 25% of your final grade. It should have a purposeful thesis (What point is your research arriving at? Why are the conclusions you are forming important? Your grade will be based equally on the strength of your paper’s composition and your engagement with the research process.


· Your paper needs to contain at least at least six secondary sources including at least two print sources (eBooks count!) and no more than two academically verified internet sites.

· All sources, including internet sites, must be academically verified.

· Your final research paper needs to be at least 8-10 pages.

· At least six academic secondary sources need to be utilized in your final paper.

· You should have a clear argument that you engage with throughout your paper.

· Use of MLA format, including both in-text citations and a Works Cited page is

also required.

Research Paper Topics:

Modern Advertising

Discuss the evolution of advertising in the digital age. What are the moral and ethical issues of modern advertising? How much do advertisers actually know about us and how do they get this information? How does being inundated with advertisements now more than ever before affect us mentally and emotionally? Are advertisers successfully manipulating us?

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