Will We Be Able To Give Robots A Moral Code Of Ethics?

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 Will we be able to give robots a moral code of ethics?



Some of what we talked about in class:

“Can we teach robots ethics?” BBC News Magazine. 15 October 2017.

Link to full article: Can we teach robots ethics? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Dilemma 1:

Carebot, a robot that helps care for the sick and elderly. A carebot has an elderly patient refusing to take her medication. If this continues for too long the patient may die. Does the carebot respect the wishes of the patient, find another way to administer the medication or contact the doctor?

Dilemma 2:

Self-driving car encounters two children that have run out into the street, chasing their ball. The self-driving car must choose between hitting the children or swerving to the right, hitting a motorcyclist.

Who decides how these robots will make these types of ethical decisions?

The government? Or the robot maker? Or will the consumer be given a list of ethical guidelines to choose from, like picking out the color of the car?


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