effects of social media on relationships

Your second assignment is your research paper. It needs to be 8-10 pages in length (double-spaced text with one-inch margins utilizing a 12 point font) and it needs to follow the MLA research style format as taught in our textbook. The paper requires you to use a minimum of six sources – all must be cited within the paper. You can also use an online supplemental websites. In preparation of this paper, you will be exposed to a series of lectures utilizing our textbook, chapters 4 (“Finding Resources through Secondary Research”) and 13 (“MLA Citation Style Guidelines”). It is crucial that you strictly adhere to the MLA format with the addition that your paper will also include a title page and an outline (Table of Contents). Please note that your final grade for the research paper will also include the notes you took in preparing the paper (the notes will be collected with the paper on the due date).

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