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class presentations over assigned literature– students prepare a 5 to 6 slide powerpoint presentation leading the class in a group discussion over the reading assignment which will also be posted on Moodle. Please label the file with your last name followed by (student number) and title of the article in quotation marks you are covering. The first slide should include your name, class information and the full citation of the article or chapter you are presenting. Title (in quotes), author's name, and book or volume title (italicized) should all be centered. The second slide should include a brief (one or two paragraph) overview of the article and some meaningful quotes. The remaining slides ought to explain vocabulary, illustrate important musical or dance concepts, or review and critique various cultural or ritual theories used in the scholarly analysis. Your presentation should also include important internet links, photos, audio footage, youtube, or additional media and cool video files that are related to the case studies or illustrate the cultural and art forms you are presenting. Your final slide may include some of the discussion and study questions provided in the syllabus or you may prepare new questions with class discussion open for general platica (conversation). However, you should NOT provide the answers to the questions but lead a discussion and following the conversation then provide answers to the study questions and notes.

Tips from my professor:

Your discussion is original and is based on your reading of the assignment. So make your own file and decide which songs, videos, photos you wish to include. Be sure to define important vocabulary and theory and explain what the main point of the article is.

Ozomatli has become a very well-known band but they prefer not to be called a Chicano band because they are members are multi-ethnic and although they came out of East LA, they use world music instruments and influences and their audience is indeed global. You might see what are some of their most recent performances including TV and films, Grammy Awards, and especially their activism and political causes

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