Edgar Allen Poe and how he shaped the morality of the time.

Discuss how the author shaped the morality of the time. How the morality of time shaped the author. 1. Choose a familiar literary author 2. Research the history, culture, and society some examples what was the religion like in her times, what was the dynamic between men and women in her time for example if we look at Kate Chopin what were the legal requirements to get married. What did the culture expect of men and women in the institution of marriage? So you can look at religion, politics, government, history, culture and anything that has to with the times of the author. Which one did a better job of women during the feminist movement. 3. The more important aspect of the research paper Discuss how the author influenced the morality of his or her times. Or How the times influenced his or her writings. Examples: Their lessons, their values, their beliefs their virtues, some virtues include honesty, courage, bravery, integrity. Do you think the author of doing a good job of improving the moral character of his people? Some can say yes or no. Perhaps you wish to discuss the consequences of the Salem Witch Trials shaped Hawthorne’s Moral character maybe the culture of puritanism around the Salem witch trials influenced hawthorns moral character. Alternatively, you may wish to discuss how Nathanial Hawthorne shaped the morality of his puritan society 4. Be aware of your audience and your purpose. What were their beliefs in that time frame.

*Power Point Research Presentation.

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