Microeconomics Essay

You will write a brief essay discussing any aspect of the US economy.   This assignment lets you demonstrate their mastery of the economic concepts learned in the course by writing a professional looking essay.  


The essay must be researched using business journals, periodicals and web based resources and must use economic principles learnt in class.



The best approach for this assignment is to consider that you are an expert tasked with writing a brief column in your local newspaper on a current economic issue.  Use a "newsy" Main title – followed by a descriptive sub-titile.


The essay should be about 1 – 2 pages long and must cite the sources of information, in APA style.  Use Times New Roman, 12 font size, single space.  No title page required.  No abstract required.  Just center the title in ALLCAPS at the top of the first page.


It should be written 100% in your own words, using no quotations etc.

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