Project 6: Feasibility Report

Feasibility Report

Title of Research Project:

· Problem or Issue Statement: A general statement of the problem or issue; give a brief description of what the proposed research seeks to accomplish, highlighting what the proposed research may validate or reveal about the intended beneficiaries interest.

· Practical Feasibility: Will the proposed research lead to direct implementation or will the research validate the issue and support an interim step designed to explore potential solutions? Outline practical action items, deliverables, you project will provide satisfactory evidence for next step requirements. Identify any potential or known constraints that may impede the research project.

· Social Feasibility: Consider whether the proposed research would prove acceptable to the people who would be directly or indirectly affected by the implementation. Describe the effect on stakeholders (increased profit, decreased expenses, expanded brand recognition, etc.) from the introduction of the further research or solution implementation. Discuss the potential benefits to the beneficiaries and how any success will be measured.Consider whether there will be a need for re/training, hiring new staff, or acquisition of new equipment. Review any administrative expenses or project costs. How will continuity be maintained, successes measured?

· Economic Feasibility: Consider the cost/benefits of the proposal/proposed research. Include the updated or revised budget thatdetails the costs that will be incurred as reasonably covered by grant $150,000. If necessary, create projections to explain research expenses versus next steps or implementation costs. Align any potential benefits to these costs in measurable time/dollar intervals. Detail the researchers’ anticipated progress and grant drawdown. Will long term benefits eventual payback the grant? How?

· Literature Review/Scholarly Research: Provide a minimum of two annotated references. The annotations should be at least one full paragraph (5-7 sentences, 10 maximum). The purpose of the annotation is to explain how prior research informs the current proposal. How will these resources be used to support the introduction and background sections of the revised proposal. Add any relevant periodicals as necessary.

· Alternative Solution: Consideration of alternative solutions/approaches must be included in this documented. At least two alternative business or theoretical options should be presented. Detail the differences between these options and the proposed research approach/implementation plan. Justify your choice as stated in the proposal.

At this point, all of the planning for the project has been done and if the feasibility report content supports the project as likely to succeed within predictable constraints, then make a final statement:

Revise and resubmit the proposal

Revise and withdraw the proposal

Revise and implement the proposal

-The Research team-

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