Virtual Organization Management -ECOM 425

Assessment Instructions:


( This is an individual assessment, which is a part from your course score. It requires effort and critical thinking.

( This assessment will worth 10 Marks

( The submission method of all should be through the Black board.




The word count of this assignment must be between 2000 -2500 words.

The Assignment can include Charts,Tables and relevant Snap shots..etc

Each Individual need to find any One Virtual Organization. With respect to the organisation the following Questions need to be surveyed and answered.


1.About the Virtual Organisation


a. Organisation Name and profile.

b. Organisation Process.

c. Narrate the benefits of adopting the Organisation in to Virtual.


2. How web applications are used to manage and monitor supply chain in your organisation.

3.Explain how the integration of CRM, SRM, and e-ERP systems in the organisation.

4.Discuss the issues encountered in implementing the cloud technologies in the supply chain.

5.What are the Current Challenges in the Management of your Virtual Organization and give your suggestions to overcome the challenging issues.



For your information , you all will be getting rest information on your blackboard along with the due dates of each Assignments.

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