World Views and Environmental Values

1) First, please identify at least three readings from the course this term that
took your thinking in a new direction, or one that contained specific insights
unfamiliar to you, but relevant to your thinking about an issue. The readings
can be from our texts and/or on- line readings required for this course. Again
– the readings should contain insights or concepts that are a) relatively new
to you — or else b) ideas and insights that motivate you to consider a familiar
concept or issue in a new way, in the context of worldviews and
environmental values.
This assignment is about going beyond what you already knew when you
began this course. I am asking you to think about the readings and
discussions in the context of your own learning — to assess the ways your
own thought has been challenged, or changed, by the readings we’ve
encountered (you may of course be challenged without being changed).
2) After choosing your particular readings, write a thoughtful, well-crafted
essay of no less than four pages (you may write more than four pages, but 
please no less), double- spaced.


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