Assignment 1: Even-Point or Odd-Point Measurement Scales

Assignment 1: Even-Point or Odd-Point Measurement Scales

Oceans Beverage Company, a manufacturer of carbonated soft drinks, is considering the possibility of entering the health beverage market.  As part of the analysis of its market potential, it has asked your company to determine how the general adult population feels about the value of energy drinks and its preference for a carbonated energy drink versus a non-carbonated energy drink.  The project manager has tentatively decided to gather this data using a questionnaire containing measurement scales and has asked you to develop the specific scales you recommend for the project and justify them as the best approach to use. 

To complete this project, you are to:

· Prepare an even-point modified Likert scale to focus on the value of energy drinks.

· Prepare an odd-point semantic differential scale to focus on preference for carbonation in an energy drink.  The semantic differential scale should demonstrate the concept of adding definitions of scale descriptors.

· Both scales should be properly constructed as described and demonstrated in the marketing research text.

· List the arguments for using an even-point scale and the arguments for using an odd-point scale.

· State whether you recommend using an odd-point scale or an even-point scale and explain why you selected that scale to recommend.

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