my uncles immigration process

My uncles immigration story to America

i had to interview my uncle and write a Research Paper about his immigration story from Mexico to the US during the 1980s.

Summary of my uncles life: My uncle was born in February 19, 1958 in micoacan mexico, where he lived in a rural area with his mother and his younger brother (my father). Since my grandpa was out of the picture and my uncle was the oldest, he had to work terrible jobs selling ice cream and bread sometimes only making 80 pesos a day which was not even enough to make ends meet.but he enjoyed riding his horse and swimming in the rivers of michoacan when he was just a kid. as a teen he moved with his aunt to mexico city but in 1976 he got his 20 year old girlfriend pregnant and his life during the late 70s and some of the early 80s became difficult as he worked in a bakery . During the 80s my uncle had some friends that were making the move to America and many were leaving Mexico because the economy was terrible.He decided to move to America to make more money and help his family alongside his younger brother and my grandma so they could have a better life in Mexico. He was willing to sacrifice his life in his home country to come to America and work.In 1982 he decided to cross the border he wasn’t as nervous because he said survallience back then was not as sophisticated as it is now but nonetheless it was still tough because he left his girlfriend and daughter Sofia all alone in mexico. But the process to America was pretty smooth by getting help by coyote. When he first came to America he lived and shared a very small apartment where he slept on a couch. He then met a man named Kevin, a realtor who hired him as a landscaper. This was a big opportunity because he got a steady job and finally could afford his own apartment since he was living in a small apartment with 5 of his other cousins and was being wise with his money. The Reagan in 1986 passed the amnesty act and he got citizenship(explain process of citizenship)He stated that the thing he most misses about mexico is the culture but he stated that is nothing compared to the opportunity this country gave him and that he is a proud American. (please Feel free to add fake details if youd like) I have to incorporate how bad the economy was in mexico during 1980s and the amnesty act in during reagans presidency.

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