Week 6 Course Project

Novel Analysis Essay



Read/review the following resources for this activity:


*Novel selected for course (Malala Yousafzai: I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, 2005)


Avoiding Plagiarism (This resource is used with permission from OWL @ Purdue University.)

Minimum of 6 resources other than the novel itself (2 of these resources must be peer-reviewed)


The stories we read were written as such so the audience can view them critically and analytically. Each has characters, settings, plots, symbols and sometimes problems that need resolution. It is up to us, as the audience, to arrive at an educated conclusion.


Activity Instructions

Write an analytical paper on the novel you chose to read from the list in Week 1. 


Analyze a deeper meaning you found in the novel. Critically examine themes, symbols, ironies, and social impact; however, do not simply summarize the story. Instead, use short quotes and paraphrase ideas from the story to support your thesis and illustrate your ideas.


The thesis should be in the first paragraph, and your support will come from the novel itself, as well as other, peer-reviewed resources you use to illustrate and support your point. You must cite all sources you use from the Internet, both in your paper and on a Reference page.


APA format suggests no more than 5% of your paper should be direct quotes. Instead, use your own voice and words to reflect the author’s meaning, while giving credit to others’ research. Review the Purdue OWL Avoiding Plagiarism web page for tips on how to incorporate resources into your writing.


Your paper must include the following:


Title page


Body of paper

Annotated bibliography (include all sources)

Reference page

Do NOT use Sparksnotes, eNotes, Wikipedia, or similar websites, as these are not academic in nature. If you do so, you will earn an automatic F. Your essay may be submitted to Turnitin, so please use the University library or .org and .edu resources.


Writing Requirements (APA format)


8-10 pages (approx. 300 words per page), not including title page or references page

1-inch margins

Double spaced

12-point Times New Roman font

Title page with topic and name of student

Reference page (minimum of 6 resources – in addition to your selected novel)

Grading and Assessment

This activity will be graded using the Writing Intensive Courses Grading Rubric (in Course Documents).


Course Learning Outcome(s): 1, 2, 3, 4

1.   Analyze and explain the purpose of literature, including reflecting on personal connections.

2.   Move from literal to figurative interpretation of texts and consider multiple interpretations.

3.   Examine the elements of literature.

4.   Incorporate literary criticism in analysis of literature using APA format with appropriate citations. 

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