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Please answer questions below with 1-3 sentences along with a follow up question:

1) It's funny how a lot of false advertisement could be easily preventable if medical documentation proving the effectiveness of weight loss that they claim could be produceable. I watch a lot of shark tank and there's a man on there who absolutely hates these scammy products about as much as I do. The first thing he asks for when he sees a miracle invention? He asks: "Where is the proof?"

That's what I wish these advertisement channels would do before they let people onto their show. But I guess not apparently. 

Also unfortunately, while software would be nice, the nature of how software works would not allow for it to detect whether or not an advertisement is lying. It's more the firm should have had quality control set up in the first place to screen advertisements before they allow it to air to ensure what they're showing is not deceptive in nature.

2)n your opinion, do you think Nicholas was aware he was falsely marketing or do you think he really believed in the product? Based on your post its possible the product could have been advertised to aide in weight loss along with healthy eating and exercise. It seems the over exaggeration was used to gain profit quickly. We have learned it is hard for new companies to get recognition and make sales and many businesses focus on customer loyalty and building a relationship with the consumer. The fact their was a web of other associated firms makes me think the company wanted to make money fast, cut its losses (pay any fines etc) and move on to the next scheme.

3) Hi Tanya! It is unfortunate that companies use deceptive marketing to try and sell their products. If more businesses used morals and ethics we would not have to constantly worry about the "truths" that these businesses put out. We think that we can fix these companies, but it is normally the top executives who are more concerned with profit and not the consumer. Do you think paying a fine is a fair punishment? Should these fines be higher?

4) This sounds like an interesting case to work on- Did you know some companies actually use the Golden Rule to make their decisions? 

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