Communication and Leadership


The Case Study will utilize a predetermined Harvard Business Review Case Study as your primary source (Articles PDF are attached), which will be linked to an Organizational Behavior issue / problem.

Your topic is “Communication and Leadership” in textbook Robbins and Judge (2017) chapter 11. You can also find information from other chapters from textbook too. Your one of source should be Robbins and Judge textbook.

If you need more articles from Harvard Business Review Case Study, you can find yourself.

Robbins and Judge Textbook Link:

The format of the paper is as follows:

1) Overview of the Problem or Issue (1-2 pages)

2) Definition(s) of Organizational Behavior Terminology (Terms) Relevant to the Issue / Problem / Gap / Under Study according to the textbook Robbins and Judge (2017) (1 page)

What Information are the Intellectual Scholars Providing as Insight or Another Perspective about the Issue / Problem / Organizational Gap Under Study?

3) What are the scholars or the scholar providing as insight about the issue / problem / organizational gap? (1-2 pages)  (Examples) – Scholars perception about issue / problem

4) What are the solutions / action steps  / best practices / to solve the problem or issue OR narrow the organizational gap? (1-2)
My Role As Leader –Identification of Issue / Problem / Organizational Gap, Recommendation of Best Practices (Solution), Provide Action Steps. As an MBA or Master’s Student, Consider Presenting Ideas and Recommendations to Senior Level Management / Executive Leadership to Enhance the Organization’s Mission. Discuss briefly.

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