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The connection between the narrator and the fat man is at the heart of the story due to various reasons. On the one hand, the narrator is fascinated by the fat man’s appearance, his physical features and his mode of eating. For instance, when the fat man walks in to the eatery, the narrator notices his hugeness although he is smartly dressed and neat. When she approaches to take his order, the narrator notices the fat man’s fingers which, according to her, appear three times the size of a normal person. The narrator describes them as long thick and creamy. Additionally, the narrator is drawn to the fat man due to his uniqueness in speech and the puffing sound. Moreover, the story revolves around the interaction between the narrator and the fat man thereby indicating fascinating aspects such as the latter’s eating habit. Besides, the fat man represents a reflection of the narrator’s ambitions in life. For instance, when the narrator says that she eats and eats but does not gain, it implies that she relentlessly puts in much effort in her endeavors but they do not seem to bear fruits. Similarly, when the fat man says that he has not always eaten in that manner but does not have any choice, it implies that he conducts his activities in a different manner but certain conditions have driven him towards adopting new methods of survival.

Question #2

The three passages portray the narrator as a selfless individual who focuses on the delivery of services in a just manner to all her customers. For instance, she pays attention to the fat man, the party of four, very demanding men as well as the other customers present at the station. Regardless of whether the four men are demanding, the narrator renders her services without complaining. Additionally, she focuses on all her customers through ensuring that they have everything need and informs them when their next item on the menu will be ready. These aspects and traits portray exemplary customer service qualities necessary for maintaining a good relationship with the customers. Some of the most significant factors to consider while working in the hotel industry entail communication skills, the ability to withstand pressure from demanding customers, excellent customer service skills, just to mention but a few. In this case, the narrator portrays the traits necessary for working in the hotel industry thereby indicating her qualification for the position. Additionally, the delivery of service in any organization requires the adoption of the principle that customers are always right. The narrator portrays this principle through her relentless actions in delivering services to her customers regardless of their nature, physical attributes and character. Moreover, when the narrator leaves work and heads home in the company of Rudy, she continues to render services thereby portraying her selfless character trait and hard work.

Question #3

The two passages bring about the revelation that the narrator was fascinated by the fat man to extent that Rudy became furious. On the one hand, the narrator’s fascination seems more like an infatuation with the fat man in that she goes to the kitchen to personally prepare his dessert. Additionally, the narrator states after raising the lid of the fat man’s bowl, he nods and keeps looking at her until she moves away. At this point, the narrator indicates her realization that she was after something but could not figure out what it was. These factors portray a romantic attraction between the fat man and the narrator in that she pays more attention to him to the extent that Rudy becomes furious. On the other hand, the narrator’s relationship with the fat man portrays an example of a lady who runs off with a potential rich man. For instance, when the narrator responds to Rudy that the man is indeed fat and that it was not the whole story, it implies that apart from his physical appearance, she had other agendas and saw something more in him that fascinated her. Besides, Rudy’s fury portrays the reaction of a spouse who becomes upset after the realization that their partner is flirting with another man.

These two passages bring about conflicting perspectives to the story in various ways. One of the conflicts portrayed in the story entails domestic issues between two people who are in a romantic relationship. For instance, when Rudy asks the narrator whether it was true that she had a fat man from the circus, it implies the development of a conflict between the couple. Additionally, it accentuates the fact that Rudy was not pleased to hear that the narrator was flirting with another man. The other conflicting perspective entails the confusion in the narrator’s actions. On the one hand, she had to deal with Rudy, her colleague, and lover, and on the other hand, she had the opportunity of fleeing with the fat man.

Question #4

The fact that fat man did not remove his coat even after claiming that he was feeling hot accentuates the aspect of a health issue. When an individual says that they feel hot but does not remove the warm clothes he is wearing, he or she may have a health problem. Contrastingly, when the fat man claimed to feel hot but failed to remove his coat, it implied the aspect of flirting with the narrator.

Question #5

This passage indicates that the fat man had a different way of doing things or rather eating habits. However, due to a change in circumstances, he had to adjust his eating habits to achieve a certain goal. Moreover, it indicates the presence of various conditions that drive him towards eating as much food as he can. Nonetheless, when the narrator claims that she eats but does not gain, it implies that she toils hard but does not reap the benefits of her endeavors. The actions of the fat man and those of the narrator portray various similarities such as the relentless pursuit of desired goals regardless of the limitations. Additionally, they portray the desire to acquire wealth and become successful in life particularly based on the current circumstances. Most importantly, passages 3 and 4 bring about ideas such as infatuation between the fat man and the narrator as well as deceit.

Question #6

The passage portrays an abusive relationship between Rudy and the narrator. For instance, the narrator states that as soon as she gets into bed and lies on her stomach, Rudy initiates sexual intercourse against her will. However, despite this action, the narrator suddenly feels fat to the extent that Rudy becomes irrelevant. This implies that the narrator envisions herself as a fat woman as a measure of protection from the harm caused by Rudy. The essence of this measure, feeling terrifically fat, adversely affects her relationship with Rudy in that she no longer considers him relevant. It also affects their relationship through the fact that the narrator has developed a protective mechanism against the harm and abuse caused by Rudy.


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