Social Media Decline Face to Face Communication (Physical interaction)

Social Media Decline Face to Face Communication (Physical interaction)


Nowadays, everyone use social media to communicate with others. We do not really have to tell our friends and family what had happened recently because all the pictures are already shown on the social media. Even if the pictures are not shown, we can communicate through message and phone. Moreover, as people are always busy, they would not really hang out and chat if not necessary. Another reason for the impact on social media is that, as people mostly communicate through phone, it is sometimes hard for them to actually chat face to face with others because it feels different. So in my research paper, I will be talking about the decline of people face to face communication by of the existence of social media.



1. 12 pages not including title page, you can include references as part of the 12 pages

2. title,

3. introduction,

4. literature review,

5. methods section: must be focused on quantitative methods,

6. bibliography/references: Use APA citation style, minimum of 8 references.

7. Submitted by December 5, 2017, 7:00pm (before class)


12 pages; double spaced, standard margins- 1 inch, Times New Roman 12pt.

For the references: The references are usually not double spaced in studies, but are indented from the second line on with each new reference you list. APA style

Other info:

The research proposal does not mean you actually have to do the study, you just have to propose a study to do. The study should still be in the realm of possibility though, meaning if someone decided to do your proposed study they would in fact be able to. Some students like to use this as a basis for a UROP project so it must be a feasible study. The proposal should focus on quantitative methods but may also include qualitative methods. You're free to pick a focus area of your choice (criminology, psychology, sociology, etc.).

Below are some resources that you might want to explore to start the literature review.

1. Google Scholar

– Focus on peer reviewed studies. This indicates that the research has been well vetted by a community of researchers.

– Look at meta-analyses. This can be helpful in finding other references to explore. (A meta-analysis provides an overview of existing literature in the field, answering a specific question.)

2. Library Guides

– Provides guides to the databases the library has access to.


– Policy-oriented research

ACCESSING RESEARCH: In order to access the databases through the library you must either be on-campus or connect through the VPN. You can go here to connect. The desktop VPN is your best bet.


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