AAS 236 – Final Paper for Korean Religions


§  Theme:  A religious dialogue (discussion)


   The theme of the final paper invites you to explore how you would create a reasonable discussion on the religions of Korea. Koreans have engaged in diverse religious practices over millennia and those religions have played important roles on different levels in Korean society. Among these Korean religions, Western Christianity has arguably settled in modern Korea as a predominant, if unofficial, belief system.


   Select one or more of the religion(s) that we have explored during this course and demonstrate how the discipline of a traditional Korean religion(s) could communicate, interact and be practiced harmoniously with Christianity in the contemporary life of Korea; and also how it could ultimately contribute to world peace. Alternatively, if you think that this is not possible, what is your rationale?


1)    Your paper should create an interreligious dialogue by relating a Korean traditional religion(s) that you have selected with Korean Christianity (e.g. Dialogues between Buddhist-Christian or Shamanic-Christian or Confucian-Christian, and so on.)

2)    You can use examples and analogies, or stories from your own experience to support your idea.

3)    Provide references when you cite from other sources. Use quotation marks where necessary; otherwise, your writing may be suspected of plagiarism.


§  Format:  4 pages, double-spaced, font 12, in Word doc file.

§  Due date:  by December 11 (Monday), 7pm.

  Submit the paper through SafeAssign on Blackboard.

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