Explication of A Soliloquy

Assignment: Choose one of the four soliloquies of Hamlet. Write an explication of the soliloquy with the aim of revealing the key facets of Hamlet’s character. In the course of your discussion you should also discuss how the plot of the play, and the soliloquy of your choice’s place within that plot, also affects its meaning and therefore our comprehension of Hamlet. In this regard, you should be relating your selected soliloquy to the transformation of Hamlet's character throughout the play.

In the course of this argument, please reference in a meaningful way one of the assigned essays on Hamlet: Bullough (1594); Greenblatt (1597); Pennington (1608). Do not simply insert a quote for this portion of the assignment; instead, use cited materials to meaningfully inform the development of your argument. 

Criteria for Evaluation: This essay will need to be a thesis-driven literary argument which answers the prompt in full while conforming to the conventions of the academic essay.

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