Micro, Macro, and international economic aspects

The industry I have chosen is Supply Chain, please use that for this paper.
The paper must explore/examine an industry. Select an industry in which they are currently employed or an industry in which they might seek employment. 
The paper must be an economic analysis of the industry including its micro, macro and international economic aspects. The research paper must address topics from each of the three subject areas.
For example, topics that might be included:
Microeconomics: Analyzes the economic conditions of an industry and determine how well the market structure
models (Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly or Monopoly) and predict the behavior of the
firm. Consideration should also be given to the level of competition (market share), the degree of regulation, and
the issues of foreign competition as explained by the supply and demand framework.
Macroeconomics: Analyze the economic conditions in a country where the industry is prominent. Consider the
level and trend of inflation, unemployment, economic activity, budget deficits, government debt, and trade
imbalances and how these factors influence the industry.
International Economics: Compare and contrast economic conditions in at least two countries where the industry
operates. Consider labor costs, taxes and subsidies, transportation costs, monetary policy, tariffs and quotas, and the
level and volatility of exchange rates, and how these factors influence the industry.
The research paper should examine the causes for the current conditions. Analyzing how and why things have
occurred, not simply stating what has occurred.

Papers are to be minimum of (9) pages in length for the text and use the MLA format. They should have one inch
margins on all sides, be no larger than 12 point type, and be double spaced. Periodicals, textbooks, professional
books and journals and newspaper articles are the primary sources of information. Textbooks for this class and
encyclopedia (including www.wikipedia.com) may be used as references to familiarize yourself about a country or
industry. Generally, quotations or materials paraphrased from textbooks or encyclopedia should be avoided.

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