Assessment 1 – Questions & Interview

Assessment 1 – Questions & Interview


Question 1: What role do accountant’s play in today’s information intensive organizations?

Question 2: How can an accounting information system provide management with information for better decision-making?

Question 3: Explain the three fundamental benefits of information technology to accounting information systems.

Question 4: Identify the components of an accounting information system.

Question 5: How can an AIS add value to the organization?

Question 6: How can a well-designed AIS improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's value chain?

Question 7: Discuss the seven characteristics of useful information.

Question 8: Explain what an AIS is, describe the basic tasks it performs in an organization, and give some examples of the types of accounting transactions it processes.

Question 9: How can the value of the information produced by an accounting information system be determined? What would a measurement and verification expert think about quantification and verification of such information?

Question 10: You are an intern at a small mom-and-pop type corner grocery store. The owner's accountant is trying to talk the owners into purchasing an integrated enterprise system for small businesses. The owner thinks the accountant is just trying find a way to charge more money. How would you convince the owner each piece of the integrated enterprise system would help the business?


Question 11: What are the three vital functions accounting system servers? Please define each.

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