Course Project

In this portion of the course project, you will analyze your data in the following ways:

Effectively record data, back-up the data and store a master copy – keeping original data intact.
Sum the number of ratings, rankings, yes or no, etc. for each question.
Find the mean, or average, for each question.
Find the standard deviation and the z-score for each question.
Infer results or draw conclusions.
Note: You do not need to submit your analysis separately, instead, you will include your analysis in your written report (the tenth element of the written report). Remember that your analysis can (and likely should!) include important visual aids for your readers, including charts, graphics, and tables.

Based upon your analysis, develop recommendations, think about limitations of the research, and write your final report. The report should include the following elements:

Cover page
Executive summary
Table of contents
Problem statement
Research objectives
Background research/literature review
Sampling design
Research design
Data analysis (may include visual aids – bars, charts, graphs, etc).
Be sure to distinguish between the various sections of the report by utilizing headings. Each of the 15 elements will be a major heading, which should be bolded and centered. If minor headings are used, they should be bolded and aligned left. The cover page, executive summary, table of contents, and reference page should all be on stand-alone pages.

Keep in mind, a number of these elements were previously submitted. Be sure to review the feedback you received from your instructor and make recommended edits or updates. Also, consider restructuring the written elements as needed in order to include them in the final report (for example your problem statement may have stated what you will research, and now it is something you have researched, so your tense may change).

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