Brand Management

This is an individual written assignment designed to make you reflect more deeply on some of the tensions and latest debates in brand management. Follow these steps:
1. Read the following article which challenges Byron Sharp's assertions about the lack of emotional connection to brands
(Document in PDF)
2. Write a critical review of the what we have discussed in class regarding brand loyalty and brand segmentation in light of this article
3. End your review with one important implication for how brands should be successfully managed

Assignment Requirements & Parameters
1. Assignment should be uploaded here in a Word document or .pdf
2. Maximum length of assignment is 2 pages using size 11 font
3. Minimum content requirements: 
• discussion of issues raised by the article in relation to what we have seen in class
• conclusion with 1 implication for how brands should be managed
4. Additional sources. You may use additional sources / references (for example, there is a very good WARC review "What we know about brand loyalty" with multiple opinions
on the topic). You must clearly and correctly reference the source of any additional sources you use to support your arguments.

Please cover the topics of the readings attached as much as possible.

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