English – Article writing

For this assignment, write an analysis of three different aviation positions (pilot, dispatcher, mechanic, ATC, CEO, CFO, etc.). Whatever you want to explore is fine.

The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about different career positions and career paths and the credentials/experiences that are required to obtain them.


Even if you don't think you will ever do a particular position, there is extreme value in knowing what the credentials, goals, and challenges of other positions are. Everyone will work better as a team if they understand each others jobs!

Use the Appendix in the back of the "Air Transportation" text as a resource as well as at least one other source (please cite your sources).


Make your paper APA format, minimum 3 page body (NOT counting the title page, abstract, and bibliography). 


APA resoursces are located here:



Note: my Major will be a pilot.

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