How is a sacrament both a sign and a symbol?

1. How is a sacrament both a sign and a symbol? Use one sacrament to illustrate. 

2. How does Catholic theology understand the sacraments as “means of grace”? 

3. What is the conscience? How does “natural law” work to inform our conscience? 

A research paper involves both the gathering of information and developing a student’s own interpretation of that information. The student must stay focused on his or her chosen topic and rely upon his or her sources for information about that topic. While a student’s own opinions about a topic are an important part of any research process, the student must be able to support his or her conclusions by direct reference to sources.

Please remember that easily correctable spelling and grammatical mistakes left uncorrected will result in significant loss of points. 

3. This paper requires MLA formatting that includes: 

a. 12-point font / Times New Roman

b. doubles spaced sentences 

c. title and personal identification 

d. a separate Works-Cited page properly formatted 

e. specific bibliographical form for print and electronic sources in the Works-Cited

f. a specific form for parenthetical (in-text) citations of the sources listed in the Works-Cited 

g. Minimum word count 1200 words 

The student will be graded on how well his or her style conforms to the above basic requirements in MLA. 

4. The Works-Cited must include no less than four (4) sources.


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