ACCT 101


Last due date for submission 13 December 2017

The assignment worth 10 marks which is about 3.75 of the total marks

Student name:


· The answer must be in English.

· Students must include your details (Name, Student ID, CRN, Date of submission)

· Please READ the instructions carefully and FOLLOW them. Answer the ALL questions.

· Do NOT write the questions in the answer papers JUST write the question number.

· Do NOT put images, you must TYPE answers in the MS document.

· Font should be Times New Roman with 14 points.

· It is an INDIVIDUAL task, NOT a group task.

· You should submit the assignment via the Blackboard.

· Students who submit assignments after deadline, will get ZERO.

· If you engaged in plagiarism, you will get ZERO marks in the assignment or course.

The assignment worth 10 marks which is about 3.75 of the total marks.

Q1. Khaled Co is in Export business operating from Jeddah for the last 10 years successfully. From the following summary of Cash Account of Khaled, prepare Cash Flow Statement for the year ended 31st March 2017 in accordance with using the direct method. The company does not have any cash equivalents. (4 Points)

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