Project submission with presentation-

This activity is based on group work (3 students per group). Students is responsible to write a report about a given company, business idea or any other course related topics.


Students may choose their mates and give a list of the members per group to the faculty member who will create a group wiki using that list. Those who did not choose their group members will be assigned automatically.

Step 2– project theme

Each group will propose a project theme:

· case study about logistics and supply chain management in a company in Saudi Arabia ( to be precised)

· a new concept or innovation in the field of logistics management.

· The creation of a new project and the presentation of the logistics strategies, plans and practices.

Step 3- information gathering:

All the collected information has to be submitted in the wiki of the group.

The group work has to be continuous by updating the information in wikis that are specially created for the assignment (at least 5 updates per student).

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