Asian Art Museum Visit and Assignment

Asian Art Museum Visit and Assignment



On the first Sunday of every month, admission to the museum’s permanent collection is free. On other days, your student ID will get you discounted admission. ($10) I’d recommend spending at least two hours there whenever you go, but if you get “museum fatigue,” take a break, have some tea, come back later.


The Museum has a wonderful permanent collection of Chinese art. You are only required to go once this semester, but I hope you’ll want to go more than once. Make sure to see the small gilded Buddha, one of their most famous pieces, and the bronze rhinoceros. Their jade collection is also famous. And look at whatever paintings they have out at the moment to see the possible formats: hanging scroll, hand scroll, album paintings. Of course, if you have time, the rest of the museum—the Indian, Southeast Asian, Tibetan, Japanese, Korean, and Mongolian art– is also wonderful.


Your assignment is to find TWO works of art in the China collection that you like. Describe them briefly and specifically, including both their similarities and their differences. For example, they may be in different media (bronze, painting, jade, etc) or from different periods, or about different subjects. Please include photographs, but don’t rely on the pictures in what you write. Instead, create a word picture of each work. Then explain (1) why you chose these particular pieces and (2) what you learned about Chinese civilization from them. One page total, about 300 words. Please scan and upload this and YOUR MUSEUM TICKET to the iLearn link.

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