English 101 Final Exam Study Guide

English 101 Final Exam Study Guide

Final exam: Monday, December 11, at 8am in COMC 101


1. Comma

2. Subject verb agreement

3. Prepositions

4. Capitalization

5. Pronouns

6. Articles

Writing strategies

1. Prewrite

2. Outline

3. Thesis statement

4. Topic sentences

5. Introduction techniques

6. Conclusion techniques (do not include restating the thesis or introduction; do not include summarizing the essay)

7. Rhetorical modes

Essay. Choose one of the following essays to write. Then, choose the topic. I expect to see a well-organized essay, which includes the introduction, thesis, main points, support and examples, organization with transitions, conclusion, and correct grammar and punctuation. Turn in your prewrite and outline with your final exam. I suggest you come prepared to the final exam with your prewrite and outline. If not, then you may create the prewrite and outline during the final exam period.

1. Cause/effect

a. Causes and/or effects of poverty, illness, social media, technology, video games, homework, standardized tests, bullying, immigration

2. Compare/contrast

a. Two different kinds of music; art and science; college majors; cultures; religions

3. Process analysis

a. How to prepare for something, such as a holiday, special event, school, work, test

b. Advice on how to

4. Illustration (you may agree or disagree and show why)

a. It’s good to be king.

b. Illegal immigrants contribute positively to society

c. History is written by the victors

5. Classification/division

a. Different kinds of drivers, hobbies, churchgoers, vacations, diets

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