Thyroid Cancer Rates Internationally and In America Related To Geography Premium ?

This paper should be 5 pages single spaced. 
Include first a thesis, that ties in thyroid cancer rates in America and globally relate to the geography of America to that of other countries using at least 5 resources. For instance, compare environmental factors, environmental determinism, and compare and contrast the different types of people that are getting cancer and how different countries cure their patients and how the government is also incorporated as well. Additional information regarding diet that causes goiter such as iodine deficiency will be provided and should be incorporated into the essay along with additional content which correlates to geography.

Each page worth 20 points
5-7 pages 
Cite sources 
5 scholarly sources or more 
Dont fluff paper 

Some sources to consider using and citing if the writer finds better resources then use them.;jsessionid=AEF63719FE031AE4655D8DA5E313BD16.f01t02?v=1&t=jax95umv&s=962ad075876561e88b2a784c5a9b5537f2165ff2

I will also include two different types of papers that the writer can use in order to finish the paper.

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