Unit V Article Critique

Unit V Article Critique

For this assignment, use the Academic Search Complete database available to find an article on current trends in website development. The article should be published after 2010. Write an article critique that includes the following information:

briefly introduce and summarize the article,

identify the author’s main points,

identify the author’s intended audience,

identify specific issues addressed in the article, discuss whether the information in the article applies to this course, and

discuss how the author could expand on the main points.

Your review should be at least one page in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Use APA style when writing your critique. Cite any direct quotes or paraphrases from the article, and include any sources used in your critique in a reference page. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below. Unit V Lab Assignment

Complete Toolwire – Lab A. Upload a copy of the HTML and CSS files that contain your completed lists and links. Your navigation links should load the appropriate page targets. Replication of the navigation links on other pages of your website will continue in Part B. In other words, you will create a draft of a navigation tool on one of the HTML pages such as your home page and apply a style for this tool in the CSS file.

Complete Toolwire – Lab B. After adding navigation to your website pages, upload all of your website files, including the updated CSS file, for grading. Files can be uploaded individually or as a ZIP file. Be sure to test your navigation links in a browser before submitting. Remember, your links, when clicked, should take the visitor to that page. Please click here to view the video tutorial on how to create and upload a ZIP file to Blackboard.

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