Assignment 7

Assignment 7

What strategies can be used to overcome perceived gender stereotypes to improve negotiation skills?  Use scholarly peer-reviewed references to support your conclusions.

Instructions Very Important

The submission is to be double-spaced, using a 12 point font and will be graded on depth and clarity

Prepare a 2-3-page essay to respond to the question.

The essays will be in APA format, with references, and in-text citations. The Individual Assignments are due on Sunday night each week at midnight.

Late submissions will not be accepted unless approved in advance by the instructor.

Individual assignments must include a minimum:

– Introduction

– Complete and thorough response to the question, supported by scholarly sources

– Personal analysis

– Conclusion

– APA format to include references and in-text citations

– Original work not plagiarized and grammatically correct

– Please use Turnitin or Grammarly ( as a free service to screen your papers for grammar and writing errors prior to submitting. These services are really good and will go a long way to helping you improve writing and making your papers free of grammar mistakes. Turnitin can also screen your papers for plagiarism. These are great resources and you are hurting yourself if you don’t use them.

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