Discussion Finance

DISCUSSION (500-600 words with 3 credible references cited in APA)

Use the article handed out in class (url below) to start answering this question – and add to that by researching all pertinent data and relevant articles that will help you arrive at your answer.

The Top 20 S&P 500 Companies Buying Back Stock in 2017

a) What was the market value of your assigned company as of end-year 2016? (my selected company name is PFIZER INC). (150-200 words)
b) After noting the amount of stock buyback in Q1 2017 – make a determination as to the change in market value of your assigned firm as of 12/1/2017 – and then make a list of all the value added / value lost actions (from a shareholder’s perspective) other than the share buyback. Essentially you are reporting to me whether, in your opinion, the stock buyback increased shareholder wealth (the s/h that still remain, not the ones that took the buyback offer!). (350-400 words)
****NOTE: Cite all references in APA.

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