Management case study

Case Analysis Assignment #2: United Physicians Group (found on pages 509-511 in your textbook)

Second Case Analysis

Your task is to analyze this case. This case addresses many areas of healthcare management that we talked about this semester.  This is a chance for you to show me that you understand management concepts and how they can be applied to a health services situation where a solution is needed.  Please do not hesitate to reference and apply concepts direct from the textbook.

Please use the following methodology when writing your analysis.  Be sure to address each category (Background Statement, Major Problems and Secondary Issues, and so on) and the specific questions and tasks underneath each category.  Your analysis should flow in a logical manner from start to finish.  If it helps you to number your paragraphs please do so. Best of luck!

1. Background Statement

a. What is going on in this case as it relates to the identified major problem?

i. Summarize the scenario in your own words

ii. Briefly describe the organization, setting, situation, who is involved, who decides what, and so on.

2. Major Problems and Secondary Issues

a. Specifically identify the major and secondary problems.

i. What are the real issues?

ii. What are the differences?

iii. Can secondary issues become major problems?

b. Present analysis of the causes and effects.

c. Fully explain your reasoning.

3. Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses

a. Identify the strengths and weaknesses that exist in relation to the major problem. Your focus here should be in describing what the organization is capable of doing and not doing with respect to addressing the major problems.

4. Alternatives and Recommended Solutions

a. Describe the 2 to 3 alternative solutions you came up with.

b. What feasible strategies would you recommend?

c. What are the pros and cons?

d. State what should be done – why, how, and by whom? Be specific.

5. Evaluation

a. How will you know when your recommended solutions (part 4) have moved the organization in the right direction?

b. There must be measurable goals put in place with the recommendations. Money (revenue) is the easiest to measure; what else can be measured?

c. What evaluation plan would you put in place to assess whether you are reaching your goals?

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