Operating Systems Research Project

 Research ProjectInstructions 

Choose 2 operating systems

not studied in this class (not Windows, Mac, Linux)
from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_operating_systems
Research your 2 chosen operating systems

(do not use Wikipedia for research beyond choosing your topics form the list linked)
comparing and analyzing them for 5 data sets in your research   
for example research data sets comparing:

OS minimum hardware requirements
# OS versions
# OS lines of code
# applications that run on the OS
# OS hours uptime for server OS
# OS security exploits reported
OS cost of ownership
OS market share growth
Interest in OS over time, region… (Google Trends https://www.google.com/trends/)
Compare OS Time Series… (Google Correlate https://www.google.com/trends/correlate/)
Google Books OS Ngram Viewer (https://books.google.com/ngrams)

Submit an Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx):

comparing 2 operating systems and
analyzing 5 data sets in your research
if you use a spreadsheet other than Excel (Numbers, Calc, Sheets)
save as .xls or .xlsx to submit for grading
Requirements and Rubric:

Search and use online tutorials for additional help with Excel

20 points: input 5 data sets for 2 operating systems
           Excel Help: Enter data manually in worksheet cells
10 points: format data with color to aid navigation
           Excel Help: Ways to format a worksheet
10 points: minimum 1 formula (without Excel functions)
           Excel Help: Create a simple formula
10 points: minimum 1 formula (with Excel functions)
           Excel Help: Excel functions
20 points: minimum of 2 different charts (pie, bar, line…) comparing data sets
           Excel Help: Create a chart from start to finish
10 points: charts appropriately tiled and labeled
           Excel Help: Add or remove titles or data labels
10 points: Summary of the significance of the data analysis
 (minimum 5 sentences formatted in the Excel worksheet, -1 per spelling/grammar error)
                Excel Help: Change line spacing           

    10 points: minimum of 5 APA formatted sources (in the Excel worksheet)

           Purdue APA Style Guide

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