Philosophy Readings

Critical Writing Assignments: 
weekly critical writing assignments.  Assignments will be  a critical 
reflection with questions you wish to be explored by the instructor.
You do not need to do any research for 
these papers beyond the assigned class readings, but be sure to properly cite the use of any secondary sources. Papers MUST cite specific passages from the course text  according to MLA style. Below are the critical writing assignments thats needed. 3 separate critical writings on the assigned readings: 


1. Unit 2 – Experience and the Real

Module 5 – Pragmatism and Reformed Epistemology

Readings: Pascal, “The Wager”; James, “Will to Believe”; Bergmann, “Rational 

Religious Belief without Arguments”

2. Module 6 – Existentialism and Mysticism

Readings: Kierkegaard, “Truth is Subjectivity”; Selections of Mystical 

Experiences, James, “Mysticism”; Alston, “Perceiving God”

3. Unit 3 – Paths to the Real

Module 7 – Problem of Religious Diversity I

Readings: Dalai Lama, “Buddhism, Christianity, and the Prospects for World 

Religion”; Hick, “Religious Pluralism and Ultimate Reality”

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