RACE IAT Assignment

Link to Race Implicit Associations Test:
The board is just for fun. If you'd like to share the results of your Race AIT or any of the other Implicit Associations Tests, do it here. You may chose to share your results, or just discuss how you feel about these tests. Do you think they accurately measure your feelings? If you think they're inaccurate, tell us why.

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For Example that a Student did: When it comes to Implicit Associations Tests or AIT, I feel there has been significant research to prove these test measures in and out groups, versus racial bias. The concept behind in and out groups, is the idea by human nature, we associate positive stimuli more easily with those who we are more like, versus less like. Through several studies, correlations have concluded Implicit Associations Tests with in-group human nature. That is, when these tests were given to variety of races, those races tended to correlate positively to their own in-group, versus other out groups included in the study. Whether this means we are all racists to all other demographics or whether we just tend to associate more easily with our own race is up to interpretation.

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