Explain what the assignment was or what prompted you to pose this particular problem?

Explain what your purpose/focus is and what affected your thinking in this direction?

Explain who your audience is and what their needs are? (What are the conventions that suit that particular discourse community?)

Discuss what rhetorical choices you make to successfully complete your purpose for your particular audience?

(For example, explain why you chose to use the language, the quotes, the organization etc. that you did?  Explain why you introduced/concluded your essay the way you did?)  

Discuss your writing process (not just your research process)?

Discuss why you chose your sources and why you used them in your essay in the ways you did?   Explain how they are reliable/credible/academic?

Discuss what your assumptions were about your topic before research and how the reading affected your thinking and what you’ve learned?

 Explain how you revised your essay so that it better suits an academic audience and your purpose?  (How did you revise their rhetorical choices so that they were more effective for your audience?)

Discuss how you develop an academic ethos as a writer? What academic moves do you make in your MS essay?

Are the paragraphs in the essay in an order that make sense?  Are details included which show what you mean?

Do you stick with a “I” point of view but avoid informal language or a “you” point of view?

Are your sentences complete, spelling and capitalization correct, and is the essay easy to read?

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