Reaction Paper Anthropology Class

For this reaction paper I want you take a look at the website for an Anthropological nonprofit doing Applied Anthropology on a large scale. Go to the website for the Cultural Survival ( and take a look at some of the work they are doing around the world.  Comment on at least two of their projects in different countries. What do you think of their efforts overall? Were there any surprises, did you learn something new at this website?

In writing a reaction paper to this website remember the general guidelines from your syllabus:

This assignment is designed to give you a chance to work on your writing skills, to practice thinking critically and to gain in-depth knowledge about anthropological issues. The assignment is to write a personal reaction to your reading. This is not a book report. Don’t simply summarize what you read, but present your personal reaction and/or opinion.

This reaction should be 2 pages in length, single sided, and typed at a font size of 10-12. Don’t use overly large fonts and/or spacing, my old eyes aren’t that bad yet. The paper should be carefully edited. If there are more than two of the same type of grammatical errors on a single page a point will be subtracted for each error after the second. For example, if you have three misspellings on one page you will lose one point. If you have a fourth you will lose two points. These papers or worth 20 points each. 

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