Child Labor Essay

Child Labor

By: Alec G., Gwen B., Leo L., Madison K.


In 1900, 18 percent of all American workers were under the age of 16

9-12 year old boys working for 50-60 cents and 10 hours per day -> some conditions were not even accepted by grown men

Children were good because they were small and could get into small places

Kids could be paid less and more easily managed

In the age of Industrialization, a large labor force was required and unfortunately many young children consisted of this force. 18 percent of American workers were under at 16 during the start of the 20th century and most of these boys accepted wages and conditions that most grown men would not accept. Opposition of child labor came from companies who could exploit child labor since younger boys were small and could get around more difficult spaces and more importantly they accepted much lower pay and wouldn’t gather up to complain to adults about their condition.


Florence Kelley persuaded the Illinois state legislature to outlaw child labor

Governor Hiram Johnson limited work days for women and children to 8 hours

Lewis Hine and Jacob Riis both photographers and reporters, published dramatic photographs that showed the conditions of child laborers across the nation and the plight of the poor in urban slums

National Child Labor Committee in addition to many state child labor committees helped expose problem through investigations by experts, photography, mass mailing to public, and lobbying

Significance and Relevance

We are currently in school and not working

Children are able to receive an education

Able to pursue their own interests

Able to lead a country because of the education we are receiving

More jobs are available

Allows innovations that leads to profit in the economy

Monument Plan

Portrays a baby in a coal mine trying to pick up a pick axe to work

Represents that a child born into a working class family was destined to work until they die

Meaning: Kids start working too early than they should

Model is made of paper and cardboard

Inscription on monument:

“If we can’t begin to agree on fundamentals, like the elimination of the most abusive forms of child labor, then we are really not ready to march into the future” – Alexis Herman


“Let's do a favor and end child labor!”

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