Destination Branding Essay

Coursework 1: Destination Branding Essay (50% of Module Marks)

3000 words 

Critique a destination brand of your choice using a brand management perspective. 

General themes to be explored

What are the reasons for destination branding?

Why is your chosen destination an example of destination branding good or bad practise? 

Having analysed this brand what theoretical and/or practitioner recommendations would you make? 

Appendices (do not count in word limit)

Relevant tables, diagrams, examples, and background information. 


A list of theoretical sources: books, journal articles, online resources, using the University’s stated referencing method and referred to in the text. 


You may decide to write from a number of perspectives, for example:

o An essay analysing destination branding

o A case study of a good/bad example of destination branding

o Strategy recommendations for destination branding a particular location

N.B. Your analysis needs to:

o Identify and analyse the main reasons for destination branding

o Support your analysis with evidence from research, examples, and wider theoretical understanding

Useful sources for this essay:

· Brooker, E. & Burgess, J. (2008) Marketing destination Niagra effectively through the tourism life cycle, International journal of contemporary hospitality management, 20(3): 278-292

· Chapman, A. and Speake, J. (2011) Regeneration in a mass-tourism resort: The changing fortunes of Bugibba, Malta, Tourism Management, 32(3): 482-491

· Henderson, J.C. 2007, Uniquely Singapore? A case study in destination branding, Journal of Vacation Marketing, 13(3): 261-274.

· Puckzo, L., Ratz, T. & Smith, M. (2007) Old city, new image: perception, positioning and promotion of Budapest. Journal of travel and tourism marketing, 22(3:) 21

· The United Nations World Tourism Organisation: 

· For further suggested reading please see the module reading list

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