Topic:Teen Pregnancy

The topic that I would like to research and write about is teen pregnancy.

Topic: Teen Pregnancy

Research Paper

Completion of professionally written research paper (using the current APA writing style) on issues associated with the influence of sexual factors on behavior.  The paper will be 5-7 pages (the body should be 3-5 pages) in length with the use of at least 3 Academic References (book, newspaper, journal, magazine article, etc).

It should contain the following:

1.       Introduction: The student will introduce the topic they are going to discuss and how it is relevant to the study of how sexual factors influence behavior. 

2.       Who and How?: The student will introduce the population impacted and describe how they are affected. Include a history of how this has been handled in the past. 

3.       Conclusion: How does the future of this issue look? 

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Hoffman, S. D., & Maynard, R. A. (Eds.). (2008). Kids having kids: Economic costs & social consequences of teen pregnancy. The Urban Insitute.

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