The Benefits of Exercise


Exercise can be defined as a physical activity which is done to improve a person health or fitness. Exercise is performed for various reasons these includes increasing growth and development, preventing aging and strengthening muscles


Good health

Good health is achieved through proper exercise. Prevention is better than curing therefore, the best way to have good health and guard against diseases is through exercise. A person who is weak in health falls an easy prey to diseases consequently exercise is the remedy to good health.

Physical Strength

A solid and masculine stature is the result of years of activity. In the event that activity is consistently taken, each substantial organ works legitimately, offering ascend to a felling of delight and brightness. Through standard physical exercise one can achieve enormous physical quality.

Types of Exercise 





Improves mental health and mood

Help in reducing weight

Strengthens a person’s muscles and bones

Increases energy levels

Help Brain Health and Memory

 Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease


Both mental improvement and physical exercise is important for achievement in life. Exercise is basic for having a sound personality in a sound body. Our appendages become more grounded by steady physical work.


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