You will complete this assignment based on the readings, discussion board topics, presentations, and research related to the content of the course. You will use 5 prompts below and do the following:

1. Write a response of at least 350 words (1–1½ pages, double-spaced) for each prompt you select (note that the word count is for each answer, not all 5 answers combined).

1. Include:

1. A cover page

1. In-text citations in the body of the paper in current APA format

1. A reference list at the end of the paper that includes all sources cited in the paper in current APA format

1. Retype or copy/paste prompt before answering.


1. Analize the benefits and limitations of embedded instruction on the leaning of various academic, social and communication behaviors on students with autism. ( Chapter three)

1. Describe in detail an evidence based strategy to teach a student with ASD daily living skills

1. Describe/Summarize key research findings on effective instructions and intervention for students with ASD in reading, writing and mathematics and explain how these strategies can be implemented.

1. How can play materials be adapted to increase engagement and functional use for young children with ASD.

1. Explain how categories of assistive technology are identified based upon the seven areas of human function.

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