Create a Socratic dialogue and write an analysis on it

Create a Socratic dialogue. Start by giving the setting and a description of the two characters who are speaking (the entire dialogue will be 3.5 pages long). In it, one character persuades another character to accept his/her point of view.

1. Format it as if you were writing a play; double-space the dialogue as usual.

2. Use 7-10 of the rhetorical techniques you learned from our textbook which will be provided to you in a pdf download file.

Next you must create an analysis of your Socratic dialogue that you’ve created. (another 3.5 pages in length, double-spaced) that deconstructs your own writing. It should be a pretty easy write, considering your inside knowledge of the author's writing process!


· Dig deeply into minutia in the dialogue. Analyze closely organization, dictionrhetorical techniques, figurative language, realism of the dialogue, and so on.


· Be sure to set up your analysis just as you would a "real" essay, with an intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraphs.


· As usual, each body paragraph should be structured around transitions, topic sentences, major/minor supporting evidence, and concluding sentences.

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