Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay Instructions

After reviewing the contents of your portfolio please evaluate the statements in the MBA Program Goal column in the form below by marking an “X” in the appropriate cell. For each statement evaluation below please write a paragraph explaining your response.

In addition, write a paragraph explaining if your initial goals and expectations, regarding the MBA program, were or were not met.

Finally, please include a brief statement of your employment status. If your status changed during your course of study or if you think your status will change, pleased indicate if the MBA study or completion of the MBA degree contributed to a change of your employment status. I am full time student and international student

Turn in a hard copy of the completed chart and associated paragraphs the MBA .

Program Goals Evaluation

MBA Program Goal

Strongly Disagree




Strongly Agree

I have increased my knowledge and expertise to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Courses Developing Outcome: AC654, BU656, BU657, BU658, BU659


I have increased my knowledge and expertise to use analytical techniques and information technology to solve business problems.

Courses Developing Outcome: EC652, AC654, BU655, BU656


I have increased my knowledge and expertise of fundamental principles in business disciplines and the ability to integrate knowledge across disciplines.

Courses Developing Outcome: All MBA Courses


I have increased my knowledge and expertise to understand the impact of globalization on the business environment

Courses Developing Outcome: BU674


I have increased my knowledge and expertise to be aware of ethical issues and responsibilities in business environments.

Courses Developing Outcome: BU658


I have increased my knowledge and expertise to work effectively in teams toward the achievement of a common goal

Courses Developing Outcome:AC654, BU657, BU658, BU659

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