philosophy 101 (project identity)



For this final identity project, write a short paper (2-4 pages) answering the following questions. Your paper ought to be typed and double-spaced. You must be sure to answer each question completely.



1) What is your definition of philosophy now that you’ve had the opportunity in class to learn about some of the greatest minds in the tradition? Such as, Socrates, Aristotle and Descartes.

2) Who are you?

3) What is the use of philosophy now?

4) What are your fundamental values?

5) How is your life affected by class?

6) How is your life affected by power?



Finally, create something that represents your relationship to identity. You can make anything that seems appropriate to how you answered the preceding questions. You can paint something, create music, make a collage, write a poem, or do anything that captures your sense of identity.

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