The purpose of this assignment is to use skills you have learned  throughout all five weeks of the course. You will apply what you have  learned to solve a real-world scenario that you could encounter in your  future career.

Create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation including:

Introduction (approximately 1 minute and 1 slide)
Which topic and scenario did you choose?
Why did it interest you?
Visuals/Evidence (approximately 4 to 5 minutes and 3-4 slides)
Show your data table, scatterplot, other two visuals, calculations, and any other evidence to support your conclusion.
Explain what information in the data tables is not needed for your analysis. Explain why the unused information is not needed.
Discuss why you selected each visual and what you can conclude from the visuals.
Conclusion (approximately 1 minute and 1-2 slides)
Restate your topic and scenario and give your conclusion.
Discuss how your topic relates to a real-world scenario.
Explain how confident you are that your conclusion is sound.
Explain what work would need to be done to increase your confidence in your conclusion.
Discuss what you learned from this project.
Include detailed speaker notes for each slide.

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