real estate discussion question

One way to invest in real estate is by using your IRA as a "self-directed IRA" and buy real estate you choose with it. Go to  and read up on it and then describe the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy. Is this something you might consider? Why or why not?  (I do not endorse this company or website, this is strictly to provide an overview of the concept)

In order to score points you need to complete the assigned reading and answer the question from the reading assignment. Please feel free to do additional research on the topic. But, in all circumstances, make certain you document your source(s) of information.

You may certainly disagree with what is in the assigned reading/video, but you must reference where you obtained your information, your opinion on the topic, and why you disagree. Just writing your opinion on a topic without doing the reading assignment will score you zero (0) points.

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